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Lenovo Unveils Two New Chromebooks, Starting at $279

Lenovo has announced a pair of brand new Chromebooks, one sporting a flexible touchscreen able to flip 300-degrees, will hit shelves in time for summer.

6 May 2014

Meet The SlateBook, a 14-inch Android Laptop from HP

Chrome OS could be about to face some competition from its bigger brother Android, based on the discovery of a promotional video for a new laptop from HP.

28 April 2014

See the Samsung Chromebook 2 Get Unboxed

A short unboxing video of the Samsung Chromebook 2 posted to YouTube gives us an early look at just how svelte, small and slimline the device really is.

20 April 2014

How It Took Just 5 Minute For Me to Fall In Love With the Chromecast

What could a £30 Chromecast possibly offer me that I don't already have or can't already do? Turns out, a lot.

25 March 2014
ASUS Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox Demo Reveals Upgradeable RAM, SSD

There's good news from lucky reviewers getting a hands-on with the new ASUS Chromebox — they've discovered that the device is upgradeable.

12 March 2014

Benchmarks Show Modest Performance From 8-Core Samsung Chromebook

With a mammoth eight-cores tucked up tightly inside, the new Samsung Chromebook 2 sounds like it has all the oomph to outrun its older 2012 self.

12 March 2014

ASUS Chromebox Preorders Go Live, Becomes Instant Best Seller on Amazon US

Pre-orders for the new ASUS Chromebox are now being accepted from two of America's leading online retailers.

9 March 2014
spot new tab page running in chrome

Spots – A Chrome New Tab Page With Tight Android Integration

With the recent retirement of the "old" New Tab Page in Google Chrome being greeted less enthusiasm than the recent revival of Heroes, chances are many of you will be on the hunt for a replacement.

25 February 2014

Neat In Every Way: Chrome OS Adding App Folder Feature

Of all of the new features winging their way to Chrome OS in the coming months it's Folder support in the App Launcher that I will find most useful.

17 February 2014

Karate Mom: Microsoft’s New Chromebook Attack Ad

As predictable as a malware alert on a Windows desktop, but far being as fun, Microsoft are back at the Chromebook bashing.

10 February 2014

‘Ok Google’ Voice Search Improvements Land in Chrome OS Dev

After showing up in the Chrome OS Canary channel last week, improvements to the 'Ok Google' voice search feature have landed in the Dev channel.

3 February 2014

New HP Chromebook Ad Is Funny, Informative And Not As Weird As Google’s Efforts

Chromebook video commercials are fun, lively affairs and the latest effort by HP to promote their new devices certainly sees that trend continue.

3 December 2013