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Google’s Latest Chromecast Adverts Show Mainstream Appeal

Keen to keep momentum for the Chromecast ticking over Google has released a pair of new video ads, both firmly in keeping with previous efforts.

30 September 2014

Microsoft Chromecast Rival Will Mirror Android, Windows 8 Screens

Microsoft has unveiled a new Chromecast-like accessory that allows you to mirror the entire screen of a compatible Windows, Windows Phone or Android device.

24 September 2014

Meet the $79 ‘Chromecast Killer’ From Microsoft

Nokia has unveiled a new wireless media streaming device for select Windows Phone handsets, and the press are viewing it as a Chromecast killer.

4 September 2014
thumbnail of acer chromebook 13

Promo Spots for Acer Chromebook 13, Plus Short Hands-On Video

Yeah, we know: you can't get enough of the new Acer Chromebook 13. And to be frank neither can we.

15 August 2014

Nvidia Go Hands-On With Acer Chromebook 13 in New Video

Nvidia has posted a video hands-on with the new Acer Chromebook 13, which was officially unveiled yesterday.

12 August 2014
chromebook ad screen grab

These Are Google’s New Back To School Ads for Chromebooks

The 'back to school' shopping season is getting underway in the US, and Google is keen to ensure that its Chromebooks are front and centre in shoppers' minds.

25 July 2014

Acer Bay Trail Chromebook Hands On Video

It continues to be a busy month for Acer, having finally launched their new Intel Core i3-based Chromebooks, their new Bay Trail device has gotten a hands-on.

11 July 2014

How To Mirror Your Android Screen to TV Using Chromecast

Want to view all your favourite Android apps and games on the big screen? Chromecast recently rolled out Mirroring support for select devices that does just this.

11 July 2014

This Is Rockchip’s New Quad-Core ARM Chromebook

It might look like a cheap imitation of Apple's MacBook Air but the device above is in fact a new ARM-based Chromebook from ARM processor makers Rockchip.

8 June 2014

ESPN Chromecast Support Rolling Out In Time for World Cup Kick Off

Chromecast owners have yet more reasons to cheer with the news that the American sports service ESPN has added Chromecast support to its Android and iOS applications.

4 June 2014
rockchip logo

Rockchip Is Working On a New ARM Chrome OS Device

Might an all new ARM based Chrome OS device be in the offing? Based on a recent commit made to the Chromium source code, yes.

21 May 2014
hp chromebook 11 G2

New Look HP Chromebook 11 Surfaces in Australia

A variant of the popular HP Chromebook 11 sporting an entirely different design has surfaced in Australia.

13 May 2014