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[Video] Chrome is Everywhere

In the past year, Google Chrome has been made available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 tablets. Chrome is now everywhere!

12 March 2013

[Video] Christmas for Everyone

Google has released a new wave of commercials for their various products and services, including a new festive Chrome commercial. Watch it here!

22 December 2012

ChromeOS Dev Channel Updates, Adds App Reordering, Smart Window Placing

New features have landed in the ChromeOS dev channel, including the ability to re-arrange apps in the App Menu, and mirror the display on a second monitor. Sure, they might sound like trivial additions - but they make using ChromeOS as a bona-fide desktop that little bit easier.

21 November 2012
Google Search on Windows

Recently Upgraded to Windows 8? Here’s How to Get Your Google Back!

Well, Google listened, creating a short and punchy video with a sparkly new website to go alongside, showing you how to bring Google back to your Windows 8 desktop.

27 October 2012

Playing With the New Chrome OS Camera App

Of the several new apps being primed for ChromeOS its the 'Camera' one that intrigued me the most. Although it has been installed by default in the developer channel of Chrome OS it has only recently been made to 'work'. I decided to have a quick poke around to see what it can do...

24 October 2012

New Chrome Commercial Shows Off Browser Skins

In this Chromercial (see what I did there?), Google is showing off their own ‘My Chrome Theme’ extension for it’s browser, though Google+ is still front and center.

24 September 2012

New Chrome Commercial Hits the Web

A new short but touching Chrome commercial has been uploaded to YouTube continuing Google's "The web is what you make of it" marketing campaign.

11 September 2012

6 New Google Chrome TV Ads Debut

We all love a good Chrome advert don't we? They're cute, to the point and, sometimes, rather moving. Good news for us then: Google have put 6 new Chrome adverts online for us to enjoy...

3 September 2012