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HP Chromebook 11 Takes Centre Stage in Latest Google Adverts

The new HP Chromebook 11 takes centre stage in the latest adverts from Google aimed at promoting the benefits of their cloud-centric notebook devices.

1 November 2013

Which HP Chromebook is Better? This Video Compares Their Performance

Can't decide which of HP's new Chromebooks to buy? The following video, which pits both devices against one another, might help you make up your mind.

25 October 2013

HP Chromebook 14 Unboxing Video

If you're interested in buying a HP Chromebook 14 you might want to give the following unboxing video a watch.

13 October 2013

Browse The Web ‘Minority Report’ Style With Leap Touch for Chrome

A new extension for Google Chrome enables gesture-based web-browsing using the Leap Motion controller, a cheap USB motion tracker for Mac & PC.

2 September 2013
Chrome Overview Mode

The New Overview Feature in Chrome OS

Chrome OS recently added a Mac OS X-style 'Exposé' feature behind a flag on the developer channel - but what is it like? What does it do?

30 August 2013

Google Launches $35 ‘Chromecast’ – HDMI Dongle For Streaming Content from Chrome to TV

A low-cost device that enables content to be streamed wirelessly from a tablet, phone or PC straight to a TV has been unveiled by Google. The ‘Chromecast’ device¬†allow any devices running Chrome or a Chromecast-enabled […]

24 July 2013
Wunderlist for Chrome

Wunderlist Launches as Packaged App on Chrome Web Store

Wunderlist, the most popular task manager in the world, has launched a new packaged app on the Chrome Web Store.

18 July 2013

Blink-Based Opera 15 Rolls Out to All

The first version of the Opera web browser to be based on Chromium has been released.

2 July 2013

Google I/O 2013 Keynote Live Stream

Google has made available the live stream for the Google I/O keynote. The 3 hour keynote will start Wednesday 15 May and cover both Android and Chrome.

14 May 2013

[Video] Blink Q&A Session

Earlier this week Google unveiled Blink, a new browser engine for Chrome. Plenty of questions arose around what this means for web developers and Chrome users. Google's Chrome team hosted a Hangout answering some of those questions.

5 April 2013

Watch A Chromebook Pixel Get Gutted

Watch as CNet's Bill Detwiler turns slaughter-man, gutting Google's flagship Chromebook Pixel Laptop.

3 April 2013

Family Guy’s Stewie & Floating Breadfish Feature in Latest Crop of Chrome Ads

New 15-second adverts for Google Chrome, one featuring Family Guy's Stewie, have made their way online.

26 March 2013