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Apps, tools, and other software available for Chromebooks, or to run in the Chrome web browser.

Spotify for Chrome Updated, Now Supports Notifications

Spotify for Chrome has been updated today, and now supports App Notifications using Chrome's Notification Centre.

20 March 2013

Gmail Chrome App updated with new iOS UI

Last year, the Gmail team were praised for their iOS Gmail UI. It has been so popular, that the UI has now been released onto the Mobile Web App and Chrome Offline App.

12 March 2013

Spotify Now Available from the Chrome Web Store

Late last year, Spotify released their Web Player into limited beta. This week sees the start of the open beta, and the subsequent release into the Chrome Web Store.

10 March 2013

[How To] Install the Google+ Photos App ‘Pulsar’

If you’re any kind of Chromie fanboy worth his pixels, you have probably already come across the new Google+ Photos App, ‘Pulsar’. But have you tried it yet?

4 March 2013

[How To] Create a Chrome Web App

Google Chrome has an excellent way to quickly access your favourite Web Apps, in this How-To, I show you how to create your own App.

9 January 2013

Google Stopping Development of ‘Scratchpad’ Note Taking App

If you're an avid user of Google's note taking web-app 'Scratchpad' you'll want to jot the following down: development on it is stopping. The application, which comes pre-installed on ChromeOS, is a popular "jot pad" for ideas, especially since it works offline and syncs back to the cloud when connection is resumed.

2 November 2012
Google Drive Logo

New Chrome Web Apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Several new web apps have been announced today by Google in a Google+ post, and they are already up and available on the Chrome Web Store for you to install.

23 October 2012

‘Track Comments’ Added to Google Play Music Labs

Something has been cooking in Google's labs, and it's for the Google Play Music website.

5 October 2012
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10 New Apps Heading to ChromeOS

10 new applications are to ship in future versions of Chrome OS by default. Google hope that adding the apps will make Chrome OS easier to use 'out of the box'.

29 August 2012

‘Cut The Rope’ Arrives in the Chrome Web Store

Addictive mobile game 'Cut the Rope' has arrived in the Chrome webstore - and it's free.

21 June 2012

Enable HTML5 in Google Play Music for a Faster Experience

If you use Google's online music service Google Play Music you may have noticed that it's not the fastest or most responsive of 'web apps'. But there is a super quick fix to speed things up: switch to the HTML5 version of Google Play Music.

8 June 2012
Google Drive Logo

[How To] Find Google Drive Enabled Chrome Web Apps

Google Drive has been live for just short of a month but there are already an impressive number of web-apps making use of it. But how do you find them?

21 May 2012