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Apps, tools, and other software available for Chromebooks, or to run in the Chrome web browser.

tomato clock

TimeDoser Is A Handy Pomodoro App for Chrome

Fans of the Pomodoro Technique can get their timed-task workflow in sync on Chrome with TimeDoser - a free desktop Chrome App.

28 August 2014

Chrome ADB Shell Brings Android Debugging To Chromebooks

A new project by well known Android developer Koushik Dutta brings the Android Debug Bridge (adb) to Chrome and Chrome OS.

25 August 2014

Desktop Calendar Clock App For Chrome and Chrome OS

If you've been looking for a simple way to view a small calendar or view timezones on your Chromebook without hitting the web, you can stop.

23 August 2014

Better Together: 10 Apps You Can Use on Android and Chrome

We might have to wait for Google to reveal more on its plans to let select Android apps run natively on Chrome OS, but there's already a handy alternative (of sorts) available to us in the meantime.

21 August 2014

Elmnts is an Offline, Ambient Noise App for Chrome

Listening to so-called 'ambient noise' can be a great way to force a racing mind to slow down, relax and refocus on what matters.

17 August 2014

Cog Is a Stylish System Info App for Chrome and Android

Cog is a system info utility for Chrome, Chrome OS and Android that lists hardware stats of your computer in a clean, minimalist and responsive layout.

13 August 2014

Wunderlist 3 Chrome App Updates with Real Time Sync, New Look

As part of its 'biggest update yet', Wunderlist has rolled out an all-new version of its offline-enabled Chrome App, adding real-time sync and more.

12 August 2014

Word Connect Is the ‘Boggle’ Game for Chrome You’ve Been Looking for

Word Connect for Chrome is ideal game to play when taking a quick break from work or waiting for a download to finish. Part Boggle, part jewel game.

7 August 2014

PictaCast Lets You Easily Beam Photos From Your Laptop to Your TV

If you have been looking for an easy way to show photos on your laptop on your TV using Chromecast, this free Chrome App may be just what you need.

15 July 2014