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Apps, tools, and other software available for Chromebooks, or to run in the Chrome web browser.

Google+ Photos Bring Background SD Card Sync to Chrome OS

Google has introduced automatic backup of photos and videos in Chrome OS as part of an update to the Google+ Photos App for Chrome.

12 June 2014

New ‘Google Play Movies’ Chrome App Released With Offline Playback, Chromecast Support

A new app from Google finally allows you to watch Play Movies offline on your Chromebook.

6 June 2014

Chrome’s Web Camera App Adds ‘Mirroring’ Toggle

A mirroring toggle has been added to the default Camera app that ships with Chrome OS.

30 May 2014
CIRC Running Chrome Mac OS X

Chrome IRC App ‘CIRC’ Updated With New Icon and Keyboard Shortcuts (Updated)

Open-source Chrome IRC client 'CIRC' introduces a brand new icon, extra keyboard shortcuts and offers power users basic support for the /alias IRC command.

30 May 2014

How to Easily Set Bing’s Image of the Day as Your Chromebook Wallpaper

You don't have to be a fan of Bing to appreciate the quality of the work featured on its homepage — and now you set its image of the day as your wallpaper.

28 May 2014

Meet The New Chrome OS Recovery Utility

Creating a recovery device for your Chromebook is about to become much easier with the arrival of a new, dedicated packaged app.

27 May 2014

Sunrise Calendar Chrome App Syncs With Google, Works Offline

After impressing on the iPhone and iPad the stylish calendar app Sunrise is now available to use on the desktop through Google Chrome — and it's free!

19 May 2014

Instagram Desktop App ‘Pixsta’ Arrives On Chrome

Pixsta, a new Instagram Chrome App, offers users of the popular photo sharing service an almost unrivalled photo viewing experience on the desktop.

13 May 2014
Movies App Chrome OS

You’ll Soon Be Able to Watch Google Play Movies and TV Shows Offline

Stock up on popcorn and Play Store credits: Google is adding offline support to its Movies and TV service on Chrome OS.

7 May 2014

Google Music ‘Mini Player’ App Adds Always On Top Mode

Google Music mini-player app was updated this week with a 'pin to top' feature, improved media key support and initial work to run on ARM Chromebooks.

25 April 2014

Microsoft Brings Office Online Apps to Chrome Web Store

Launchers for Microsoft Office Online apps are now available to install through the Chrome Web Store.

14 April 2014

Chrome OS Gallery Goes Standalone, Image Editor ‘Refresh’ Planned

The Chrome OS image viewer is being 'split out' from the file manager and in to its own separate application.

13 April 2014