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Apps, tools, and other software available for Chromebooks, or to run in the Chrome web browser.

Chrome Clipboard Sync App Shares Text, Images Across Desktops

Fancy syncing your clipboard data between Chrome sessions and across devices? A new app from Googler Fran├žois Beaufort promises to let you do just that.

9 April 2014

Chrome Apps Can Now Respond to Keyboard Shortcuts When Browser Not in Focus

When the shiny new mini-media player app for Google Music launched one feature was notably absent: media key support. In order to skip a track, pause playback or stop music entirely one had to hunt […]

3 April 2014

Install Puzzle Game ‘2048’ In Chrome

If you're not hooked on the viral gaming hit du jour then congratulations. Now close this tab before you're sucked in!

31 March 2014

Google Music Finally Enables Browser Uploads through Chrome

Google Music has finally enabled browser-based uploading of files, something Chromebook owners have been holding out for.

26 March 2014

New Video Player App Coming to Chrome OS

Chromebook owners rejoice: a new, standalone video player app is coming to Chrome OS.

23 March 2014

App Trials and Paid Add-Ons Coming to Chrome Web Store

Free trials, in-app purchases and paid-for extensions and themes are coming to the Chrome Web Store, Google has announced.

12 March 2014

Google Update ‘Keep’ for Chrome With New Features, Visual Changes

Google Keep for Chrome, the desktop tool for the search giant's note taking service, has gained a sizeable update this week.

11 March 2014
Pixlr Text Features

Pixlr Touch Up for Chrome Adds New Text Tool, More Adjustment Options

A bevy of new features have been added to powerful Chrome image editing app 'Pixlr Touch Up'.

6 March 2014

Ephemeral App Install Option Lands in Windows Chrome Dev

Remember the 'Ephemeral App' feature Chrome was toying with last year? Well, it hasn't gone away. In fact, it's about to get put front and centre in Chrome.

28 February 2014
chrome os audio player redesign

Chrome OS Audio Player’s Beautiful New Look

A revamped Audio Player with new features is available for testing in the latest Dev Channel release of Chrome OS.

13 February 2014
3dview for chrome with dalek .obj

3DView for Chrome Lets You View and Manipulate 3D Model Files

3DView for Chrome is an offline-enabled app that allows you to open, view, manipulate, and make minor edits to 3D model files.

12 February 2014

How to Merge PDF Files On A Chromebook

Combining multiple PDF documents in to one file is not something I have to do often. Nevertheless, knowing how to do it is something I appreciate.

6 February 2014