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Hands on with the Experimental Chrome App Launcher

While the biggest interface change, the experimental and super-minimal 'Athena' UI, isn't available to opt in to, other design experiments are, including an experimental App Launcher.

15 October 2014

Chrome Apps Access to USB, HID & Bluetooth Devices Being Made More Secure

Chrome App will soon be need to request permission to access and interface with USB and HID devices, such as smartphones, game pads and graphics tablets.

15 October 2014

Chrome Devs Adding ‘Revoke App Permissions’ Feature

Chrome users could soon be given greater control over what apps can do on their computers, as developers work on a 'Revoke Additional Permissions' feature.

9 October 2014

Silence Noisy Sites Faster with Chrome’s New ‘Tab Audio Muting’ Feature

The latest Chrome Dev release introduces a new one-click tab audio muting feature that lets you silence a site without having to close it.

5 October 2014

How to Change Chrome OS Channel in Latest Dev Builds

If you've updated to the latest Chrome OS Dev channel you may be wondering how you access the 'About' page and its channel switching options. Here's how.

2 October 2014

Developer Packages Up Skype APK for Easy Install on Chrome OS

If you told me to count the number of times I've been asked if Skype can run on a Chromebook I'd fast run out of fingers — but a solution is in sight.

30 September 2014

Chrome Beta Brings Fixes for Windows Battery Drain Bug

Rewind back to the middle of July and amid the balmy British summer Google Chrome came under heat from Windows users for consuming as much as 25% more battery than other browsers.

24 September 2014
chrome for android illustration

You Can Now Run Android Apps on Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google may need to take their time in bringing select Android apps to the Chrome Web Store — needing to ensure compatibly, stability, and an integrated experience — but the community has no such speed bumps standing in its way.

19 September 2014
chrome for android illustration

This Hack Lets You Run Any Android App on Your Chromebook

It's barely been a week since Google announced the first crop of Android apps to run on Chrome OS. Now, a hack that allows virtually any Android app to be installed has been detailed.

17 September 2014

Chrome OS Will Soon Let You Access Dropbox, Amazon S3 and More from File Manager

Chromium developers have been working on letting third-party filesystems and cloud storage services integrate with the Chrome OS file manager for well over a year.

15 September 2014

Google Brings ‘Chrome Metro Mode’ to Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 users can now play with the Chrome OS-style Windows 8 Metro Mode in the latest Chrome Canary builds, a feature previously exclusive to Windows 8.

5 September 2014

Recent Code Shows Intel Broadwell Chromebook in Development

A Chromebook using Intel's upcoming new 'Broadwell' processor line has been spotted in Chromium code commits, suggesting a device based on it is on the way.

29 August 2014