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Chrome’s New ‘Hosted App’ Window Controls Ready for Testing

Hosted Apps are about to get some natty new window control elements in Chrome and Chrome OS, including in-window connection info and basic navigation.

23 December 2014

‘Roboto’ Font Is Ready for Testing In Chrome OS

We recently reported that Google was planning to replace the system font used in Chrome OS with "Roboto". As of the latest dev update, it's ready for testing.

23 December 2014

How to Enable Always On ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search in Chrome OS

Chrome OS dev adds support for always on 'Ok Google' voice search, letting you perform web searches, set reminders and more from any screen, app or website.

22 December 2014

Chrome Dev Update Rolls Out Material Design New Tab Page

Google Chrome is continuing to receive its Material Design makeover in a piecemeal pattern, little bit by little bit, feature by feature.

12 December 2014

Smart Unlock and New App Launcher Land in Latest Chrome OS Dev Release

Smart Unlock and an all new, wider App Launcher are the highlights in the latest Chrome OS Dev Channel update rolling out to eligible users today.

11 December 2014

Chrome Will Soon Warn When Extensions Are Hogging Resources

Running a site like this means I find people sobbing in my inbox asking: “Why is my Chromebook so slow?". Soon Chrome can help out.

9 December 2014

Google On Track to Purge NPAPI Plugins from Chrome, Most Users Won’t Notice

The end is nigh for NPAPI plugins in Chrome, as Google this week confirms it is on track to remove support for the antiquated plugin format from its browser by next year.  As drastic as the deprecation of a plugin […]

25 November 2014

Roboto to Be Made Default Font in Chrome OS, Will Replace Noto Sans UI

I'm going to wager that you've never paid too much attention to the default font used in Chrome OS. But get a good look while you can: it's about to change.

10 November 2014

Custom Wallpaper Sync, New ZIP Unpacker Land in Latest Chrome OS Dev

There's a shiny new developer channel release of Chrome OS rolling out, and there are a few interesting changes to look out for.

7 November 2014

Chrome App Launcher Folders Will Soon Look Like This

New look 'folders' are coming to the Chrome app launcher on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, giving the feature a more pronounced, Material Design look.

30 October 2014

Native Skype for Chromebooks Just Got a Step Closer

“Can I use Skype on a Chromebook?” — a question we all see frequently asked. But until now the answer has been: "No, at least not officially". But could that be about to change?

29 October 2014

Windows Users Will Soon Be Able to ‘Open Files’ with Chrome Apps

Google is bringing 'open with…' file associations for Chrome Apps to the Windows desktop.

24 October 2014