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This Chrome Extension Lets You View Instagram Photos on Twitter

If you miss seeing Instagram embeds on Twitter try this free Chrome extension. It lets you see Instagram photos, rather than links, on the Twitter website.

23 January 2015

Chrome to Mobile Extension Discontinued, Will Stop Working Next Month

Google has announced that it's discontinuing the 'Chrome to Mobile' browser extension as of February 2015, advising the use of Chrome's 'Tab Sync' instead.

20 January 2015

Browse TED Talks From the Chrome OS File Manager With This New Extension

A new extension for Chrome OS allows you to browse TED Talks from the Chrome OS File Manager as if they were local video files stored on your SSD.

9 January 2015

‘Intel Easy Migration’ App Makes Moving Files to Chromebooks Simple

Intel has launched a new utility to help new (Intel-powered) Chromebook owners transfer fave files and settings from iOS, Android or Windows to Chrome OS.

22 December 2014

Google To Launch ‘Data Saver’ Extension for Desktop Chrome

A screenshot (inadvertently?) shared over on the Chrome bug tracker reveals that Google is working on a native data compression add-on for the Chrome browser called Data Saver'.

19 December 2014

Momentum New Tab Chrome Extension Adds Quick Links, Search and User Accounts

Popular Chrome 'new tab page' replacement 'Momentum' has added some nifty extras, including customisable quick links, user accounts and integrated search.

11 December 2014

Chrome Will Soon Warn When Extensions Are Hogging Resources

Running a site like this means I find people sobbing in my inbox asking: “Why is my Chromebook so slow?". Soon Chrome can help out.

9 December 2014

How to Control the Spotify Web Player with Keyboard Hotkeys in Chrome

It may no longer have the back catalog of Taylor Swift, but Spotify remains one of the world's most popular music streaming services.

1 December 2014

Google Drive and Chrome Now Work Together In The Most Awesome Way

In a marriage of the ultimate convenience, Google Drive and Google Chrome are to work together in the most crazily productive way ever. And it's going to blow your socks off.

7 November 2014