More posts in “Extensions” Launch Material Design Chrome New Tab Page

If you've itching to change new tab page in Chrome to something material design inspired, you may like the latest extension from bookmarking site Raindrop.

14 May 2015

How To Disable Chromebook Sleep Mode

When you close the lid of your Chromebook it enters sleep mode — but what if you don't want it to?

13 May 2015

Google’s Latest Chrome Extension Wants to Ask You Stuff

Google has launched a new Chrome extension to gather feedback from Chrome users.

12 May 2015
Qr Code Creator for Chrome

QR Code Generator Extension for Google Chrome

Need a handy, quick Qr Code generator for Chrome? This tiny Chrome extension offers you just that.

19 April 2015

Install Google’s New Data Saver Extension for Chrome

Google's latest Chrome Extension is able to compress websites users visit before they're loaded in Chrome, helping speed things up and save on bandwidth.

25 March 2015
Flickr Tab for Chrome

Flickr Tab Puts Stunning Photos on Chrome New Tab Page

Yahoo has spun out a new extension for Google Chrome that fills every new tab page opened with crisp images from Flickr, the popular online photo sharing website.

19 March 2015
google cal extension

Official Google Calendar Chrome Extension Makes Date With Material Design

If you haven't checked in on the official Google Calendar extension for Chrome for a while you're in for a treat.

19 February 2015

Streamus Chrome Extension Turns YouTube into a Spotify-style Music Player

Streamus is a free Chrome extension that lets you listen to YouTube songs without needing to open YouTube in a browser tab.

4 February 2015

See a Chrome Download Notification When File Downloads Complete

As someone who regularly downloads large files in Chrome (and plenty of small ones over a poor connection, too) I forget to check that a download has completed.

28 January 2015