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Open Chrome Apps Faster With This Nifty Extension

Looking for a faster, easier way to open your apps in Chrome? This 'Apps Launcher' extension adds a pop-up app grid to the Chrome toolbar for quick access.

21 September 2014

Handy New Chrome Extension Puts Google Product Switcher in Browser Toolbar

A new Chrome extension brings the Google product switcher to the browser toolbar. Once installed, click the button and select your favourite Google service.

16 September 2014
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Pinterest Launch Official Chrome New Tab Page Extension

A new Chrome extension from popular social sharing site Pinterest aims to make the New Tab Page a little more 'pin-teresting'.

8 September 2014

3 ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Alternatives for Google Chrome

With news that the popular 'Awesome Screenshot' Chrome extension is, in fact, not that awesome at all, many have wisely uninstalled it.

25 August 2014

Confetti Chrome Add-On Covers Webpages in Colour

Ever wanted to cover a web page in colourful confetti and ticker tape? You're in luck.

23 August 2014

Is ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Add-On Doing Something Unawesome In The Background?

Despite the fun name, Awesome Screenshot is doing something decidedly unawesome in the background: harvesting your browsing data.

22 August 2014

New Google Stars Nightly Build Leaks Online, Brings Minor Changes

It has been a few months since we last heard about progress for Google's next-generation bookmarking extension 'Stars'.

14 August 2014

QuickDrop Is a Useful Dropbox Extension for Chrome

Looking for an easy way to access your Dropbox files in Chrome without having to keep the official website open in a new tab? Check out QuickDrop.

11 August 2014

Chrome Screen Capture Tool Screencastify Updated With New Look, Options

A major update to Screencastify, the free screen recording tool for Chrome and Chrome OS, is now rolling out on the Web Store.

22 July 2014

Updated Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension Aims to Make You ‘More Efficient’

The Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension has been redesigned to allow users to be 'more efficient' and adds improved notebook selection and social sharing features.

21 July 2014

Google Axes QuickOffice for Android, Renames Chrome Extension

Google has announced that it is discontinuing the QuickOffice apps on Android and iOS — but if you're using the official Chrome extension you don't need to panic.

29 June 2014

Microsoft Release OneNote Clipper Extension for Google Chrome

Microsoft has released a Chrome extension for its digital notebook app OneNote that makes 'clipping' web content for viewing later easier than before.

9 June 2014