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News on the latest Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices.

hp chromebook 11 G2

New Look HP Chromebook 11 Surfaces in Australia

A variant of the popular HP Chromebook 11 sporting an entirely different design has surfaced in Australia.

13 May 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 To Retail in UK at £249?

As the days until the release of the highly anticipated Samsung Chromebook 2 diminish, more and more details about it leak.

13 May 2014
chrome base by LG

LG Chromebase To Launch in US This Month Priced at $349

LG has announced that the first all-in-one Chrome OS PC, the Chromebase, will launch in the US later this month for $349.

6 May 2014

Lenovo Unveils Two New Chromebooks, Starting at $279

Lenovo has announced a pair of brand new Chromebooks, one sporting a flexible touchscreen able to flip 300-degrees, will hit shelves in time for summer.

6 May 2014

Full Specifications of ASUS C200 Chromebook

Full specifications for the ASUS C200 Chromebook have been listed in an official sales sheet — revealing a surprising addition that will help it stand out.

6 May 2014

ASUS Chromebox With Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB RAM Now Available for $429

A more powerful version of the successful ASUS Chromebox has seemingly gone on sale. The ASUS Chromebox M075U uses the same processor as the new i3 Chromebook from Acer to deliver faster performance, better graphics and improved power efficiency. Both it and an even more powerful […]

5 May 2014

Acer’s New Intel Core i3 Chromebook To Retail at $349?

How much will the upcoming Intel Core i3 Chromebook from Acer cost? Wonder no more: the recommended price has been revealed in an online article.  Such a notable bump in processing power doesn’t come without an equally notable […]

2 May 2014

Acer Unveils Powerful Intel Core i3 Chromebook

Acer has unveiled a powerful new update to their C720 line of Chromebooks. The as-yet-unnamed model will be powered by an Intel i3 processor and Intel HD4400 graphics. It was unveiled by the Taiwanese company at a […]

29 April 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Release Pushed Back to the End of May

The highly anticipated Samsung Chromebook 2 has hit a bit of a snag: the release has been pushed back by a month for unknown reasons.

25 April 2014

ASUS C200 Chromebook Review Praises ‘Unbeatable’ Battery Life

More details on the new ASUS Chromebooks is starting to seep out as we creep closer to the tentative consumer release date later in May.

24 April 2014

Everything We Know About the ASUS Chromebook — Including Price

Further details about the upcoming ASUS Chromebook have been revealed — thanks to some overeager retailers putting listings online early. So far there are no surprises; the devices favour low-price and low-power consumption over raw performance, […]

16 April 2014

First Look at Lenovo’s New Chromebook Convertible

As the first device approaching the tablet form factor to run Chrome OS, the lack of hype around the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e is perhaps a little surprising.

11 April 2014