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News on the latest Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices.

Toshiba Website Lists New 13-inch Bay Trail Chromebook

Toshiba appears to be preparing an update to its 13-inch Chromebook launched back in January, adding a Bay Trail processor and support for faster Wi-Fi.

29 August 2014

Back to School 2014: The 3 Best Chromebooks

The back-to-school season is well under way in the US, but which Chromebooks offers the best bang, battery or build quality for the proverbial buck?

27 August 2014

The First Chrome PC From Acer Announced Priced at $180

Remember hearing Acer planned to launch its first Chrome OS PC? You didn't imagine it; today the computing giant has made the $180 device official.

21 August 2014

Specs for the $199 Windows “Chromebook Killer” Leak

Specifications for a $199 HP Stream laptop, touted by many in the press as a potential 'Chromebook Killer', have leaked online.

19 August 2014
hp chromebook 11 G2

HP Chromebook 11 G3 Ditches ARM for Intel Bay Trail Processor

HP is quietly gearing up to unleash a third iteration of its 11-inch Chromebook, switching to an Intel processor and pitching itself to education.

14 August 2014
thumbnail of acer chromebook 13

The One That Changes Everything: Meet the $279 Acer Chromebook 13

When we heard that Nvidia and Acer were teaming up to work on something special we were excited — but we had no idea it would be this special.

11 August 2014

HP’s New Chromebox Monitor Bundle Costs Less than the LG Chromebase

HP has quietly launched a new bundle deal for its Celeron-based Chromebox PC in the US, one that undercuts the LG Chromebase all-in-one PC.

25 July 2014

HEXA Chromebook Pi Goes On Arrives on Amazon Canada Priced at $295

The first Chromebook from Canadian computer company HEXA Electronics has gone on sale priced at $295, featuring an 11.6" screen, Bay Trail CPU and 4GB RAM.

23 July 2014

Acer’s New Core i3 Chromebook Now Shipping from Amazon US

Both of Acer's powerful new Intel Core i3 Chromebooks are in stock and ready for shipping from retail giant Amazon in the US, priced from $349.99.

21 July 2014

Acer Debuts New Bay Trail, Nvidia Tegra Chromebooks

They've been teased, trailed and talked about for some time, but today Acer formally confirmed the existence of two brand new Chromebooks and, more surprisingly, its very first Chromebox.

17 July 2014

ASUS C300 Chromebook Hits Amazon US at $249

It's taken a while to appear, but the 13-inch ASUS C300 Chromebook is now available to buy from Amazon in the US priced at $249 and with free shipping.

15 July 2014

Is a Dirt Cheap MediaTek Chromebook on the Way?

Could a new, dirt cheap ARM-powered Chromebook be in development? Based on a recent code drop to Chromium by MediaTek, it could well be.

13 July 2014