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Chrome OS 35 Beta Brings App Folders, New Window Controls and Ok Google

The latest update to the Google Chrome OS Beta channel, version 35, brings App Launcher folders to the desktop by default. Not that the feature is earth-shatteringly new or unexpected, of course. Support for creating […]

11 April 2014

Rotation Lock, ‘Always Maximised’ Apps Mode Coming Chrome OS

Preview or not, the following feature appears to be part of a larger effort aimed at tailoring Chrome OS to better suit touchscreen – specifically tablet – form factors.

21 February 2014

Neat In Every Way: Chrome OS Adding App Folder Feature

Of all of the new features winging their way to Chrome OS in the coming months it's Folder support in the App Launcher that I will find most useful.

17 February 2014

Launcher Bookmarks Support Heading to Chrome OS

It's been a long time coming but Chrome OS is to finally gain support for adding bookmarks to the application shelf and launcher.

21 January 2014

Chrome Apps and App Launcher Land in Chrome Stable for Mac

After months of testing in the beta and dev channels, Chrome Apps and the Chrome App Launcher are now officially available in Chrome stable for the Mac.

11 December 2013

New Chrome OS Feature Will Let You Try Apps Without Installing

Ever wanted to try a Chrome app without installing it? A new feature winging its way to Chrome OS will let you do just that - and here's how to enable it.

15 November 2013

Hands On With Chrome’s New App Launcher Folders Feature

Remember that nifty folder feature we told you was winging its way to Chrome's App Launcher? Well, it's landed in the latest builds of Chromium OS, albeit hidden behind a flag.

14 November 2013

Android-Style App Folders Coming to Chrome OS Launcher

A future update to the Chrome OS App Launcher will enable users to 'drag and drop' app shortcuts on to another to create an 'app list folder' - in much the same way as on Android.

6 October 2013

Chrome App Launcher Available for Mac Dev Users

Mac users on the Google Chrome Dev Channel are now able to download and enable the Chrome App Launcher.

3 September 2013

How To Enable The New Look App Shelf in Chrome OS Dev

Want to try the new-look app shelf on your Chromebook? We've got the full how-to inside.

21 August 2013

3 Minor Chrome OS UI Changes on the Way

A handful of minor, but notable, changes to the Chrome OS UI are on their way, including new-look click states for the App Launcher and System Tray.

15 July 2013