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‘Save to Google Drive’ Chrome Extension Makes Collecting Web Content A Breeze

'Save to Google Drive' is a handy tool that lets you quickly and effortlessly save bits of the web to your Google Drive.

22 March 2013

‘Web Intents’ lands in Dev and Canary

'Web Intents' is a powerful new W3 standard, seamlessly bridging the gaps between web apps.

2 November 2012

Spruce-up your Photos with ‘PicMonkey’ for Chrome

For this week's extension review, I wanted to write about something that works great as a standalone product, as well as featuring great integration with Google Drive. I think I've found that perfect something...

24 September 2012
Google Drive Logo

[How To] Find Google Drive Enabled Chrome Web Apps

Google Drive has been live for just short of a month but there are already an impressive number of web-apps making use of it. But how do you find them?

21 May 2012