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The latest news and top tips on Google’s powerful HDMI media streaming stick.

Google’s Latest Chromecast Adverts Show Mainstream Appeal

Keen to keep momentum for the Chromecast ticking over Google has released a pair of new video ads, both firmly in keeping with previous efforts.

30 September 2014

This Kickstarter Wants to Turn the Chromecast into a Games Console

Could the Chromecast become a vibrant gaming platform? If a group of British software developers get their way, it just might. It's time to meet Buzzb.

28 September 2014

Microsoft Chromecast Rival Will Mirror Android, Windows 8 Screens

Microsoft has unveiled a new Chromecast-like accessory that allows you to mirror the entire screen of a compatible Windows, Windows Phone or Android device.

24 September 2014
Google Search iOS App

‘Google’ App for iOS Adds Traffic Cards, New Icon, Chromecast Feature

The 'Google Search' iOS app has been updated, adding extra Now cards, Chromecast integration and a new name.

21 September 2014

Slingplayer Chromecast Support Lets You Take Your TV With You

Hot on the heels of WatchABC, WATCH Disney and Twitch, Sling is the latest media streaming service to add Chromecast support to its mobile apps.

19 September 2014

Chrome OS Now Streams Movies from Drive to Chromecast

At the end of July we saw how close Chrome OS is getting to supporting native Chromecast support in its desktop video player.

18 September 2014

Chromecast Support Rolls Out to Twitch, WATCH Disney Apps

The hugely popular gaming video platform Twitch is one of several big-name applications to add support for the Google Chromecast.

17 September 2014

Netflix Now Supports Binge-Watching Through Chromecast

Netflix is rolling out Post-Play functionality on Chromecast through its Android and iOS applications, enabling back-to-back binge watching of TV shows.

10 September 2014

Why The $80 ‘Dell Cast’ Is Not A Chromecast Rival

The name alone has ensured that the 'Dell Cast' HDMI stick, released in the US this week, has gained more press pixels than it might otherwise have.

10 September 2014

Chromecast News Round Up: NPR, WatchABC, Firefox and 1080p Tab Casting

Google's Chromecast is now more than a year old, but the pace of development and support shows no signs of abating.

8 September 2014

Meet the $79 ‘Chromecast Killer’ From Microsoft

Nokia has unveiled a new wireless media streaming device for select Windows Phone handsets, and the press are viewing it as a Chromecast killer.

4 September 2014
now tv chromecast image

NOW TV Adds Chromecast Support to Android, iOS Apps

Sky has brought Chromecast support to the NOW TV Android and iOS applications.

3 September 2014