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Coming Soon: Unlock Your Chromebook by Putting Your Phone Near It

Hate having to put in a password to unlock your Chromebook? Good news: you'll soon be able to login to Chrome OS simply by putting your phone near it.

23 April 2014

Chrome OS Gallery Goes Standalone, Image Editor ‘Refresh’ Planned

The Chrome OS image viewer is being 'split out' from the file manager and in to its own separate application.

13 April 2014

Chrome OS 35 Beta Brings App Folders, New Window Controls and Ok Google

The latest update to the Google Chrome OS Beta channel, version 35, brings App Launcher folders to the desktop by default. Not that the feature is earth-shatteringly new or unexpected, of course. Support for creating […]

11 April 2014

Google Adds New ‘Side Dock’, Virtual Keyboard To Chrome OS

Google has updated the stable channel of Chrome OS with a handful of minor new desktop features. Version 34 of the cloud-centric operating system, the first major update since version 33 this past February, is rolling […]

10 April 2014

London Council To Save £400,000 By Switching from Windows to Chromebooks

A London Borough Council says it will save £400,000 by swapping its Windows computers for thousands of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

6 April 2014

Learn to Use the Chrome OS Image Editor Like a Pro

Chrome OS comes preloaded with tools for basic computing needs, including viewing, editing and managing your photo and image files.

4 April 2014

Google Devs Accidentally Invert Scrolling in Latest Chrome OS Dev Update

Among the changes rocking up in the most recent dev channel update to Chrome OS was one tweak you can't help but have noticed: inverted scrolling.

3 April 2014

Will Acer’s April Product Event Reveal a Chrome OS Tablet?

Is Acer to announce a Chrome OS tablet? Their upcoming press event on April 29 will see the company reveal more under the slogan 'A Touch More Connected'.

31 March 2014

Chrome OS Adds ‘Close’ Buttons to Expose Mode, Other Changes in Latest Dev Update

Another update to the Chrome OS Dev channel was pushed out this week and while it doesn't come packed with huge changes there are some notable improvements to be found.

27 March 2014

Chrome OS Drops Transparent App Window Borders, But Will Anyone Notice?

If you're on the beta or dev channels of Chrome OS then you might have noticed a less than transparent visual change: window headers for certain applications are no longer translucent.

21 March 2014

Google Drive To Be Default Download Location on Chrome OS

Google Drive has been enabled as the default download location on Chrome OS, according to a recent commit by developers.

14 March 2014

‘No Plans’ For Chrome OS Android Merger, Chromecast Passes One Million Sales Mark

There are no immediate plans to merge Chrome OS with Android Google's Sundar Pichai has, once again, confirmed.

10 March 2014