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News, tips, and other articles related to Google’s Chrome OS, the lean Linux-based operating system uses on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and more.

Chrome OS 40 Stable Features New Wallpapers, Smart Lock Beta

Google has announced a new stable release of Chrome OS has begun rolling out to all eligible Chrome devices.

28 January 2015
mosaic view in chrome os

‘Mosaic View’ To Be Removed from Chromebook Gallery App

I do hope you're not too attached to the crazy paving photo layout in the Chrome OS gallery app as, sob, it's being removed.

24 January 2015

Android Development on Chromebooks Could Soon Be Easier

Android development on Chromebooks could soon be easier, as Google looks to make two key features of the Android SDK available on Chrome OS images by default.

23 January 2015

Chrome OS ‘Cloud Import’ Will Let You Backup External Drives to Google Drive

A new feature headed to Chrome OS will let users import and back up files on external hard drives, USB sticks and MTP to Google Drive with a single click.

19 January 2015

These Are The Most Popular Android Apps for Chromebooks

In the four months since the first set of Android apps were added to the Chrome Web Store a further fourteen have appeared — but which apps are proving most popular with Chrome OS users?

18 January 2015

Window Snap in Chrome OS Is More Awesome Than You Realize

The 'window snap' feature in Chrome OS is a handy way to view two apps/browser pages side-by-side — but have you discovered its hidden extra feature?

15 January 2015

How To Make Facebook Video Calls on a Chromebook

It's now possible to make Facebook Video Calls on a Chromebook out of the box, no plugin download or workaround needed.

13 January 2015

Browse TED Talks From the Chrome OS File Manager With This New Extension

A new extension for Chrome OS allows you to browse TED Talks from the Chrome OS File Manager as if they were local video files stored on your SSD.

9 January 2015

First Chrome OS Beta, Dev Releases of 2015 Now Rolling Out

Flags to enable experimental Wi-Fi password sync and a Material Design PDF viewer feature in the first Chrome OS Dev Channel release of the year.

9 January 2015