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Chrome OS Now Streams Movies from Drive to Chromecast

At the end of July we saw how close Chrome OS is getting to supporting native Chromecast support in its desktop video player.

18 September 2014

Chrome OS Will Soon Let You Access Dropbox, Amazon S3 and More from File Manager

Chromium developers have been working on letting third-party filesystems and cloud storage services integrate with the Chrome OS file manager for well over a year.

15 September 2014

These are the 4 Android Apps You Can Now Run on Chromebooks

Vine and Evernote are among the first four Android apps available to install on Chromebooks, with more 'favourite apps' set to arrive in the coming weeks.

11 September 2014

Hosted Apps on Chrome OS Will Soon Look Like This

Google is working on a new look for 'Hosted Apps' in Chrome OS, one that puts navigational controls directly into the window frame.

15 August 2014

7 Improvements New To Chrome OS Dev Channel

The last couple of Chrome OS updates on the developer channel have brought welcome improvements and made some exciting new experimental features available to play with.

15 August 2014

Google Testing “May Day”-Like Support Feature for Chromebooks?

A new beta feature offering one-on-one Chromebook support is beginning to appear in the 'Get Help' app on Chrome OS, users report.

14 August 2014

Chrome OS Overview Mode Adds Text Filtering in Latest Dev Release

The latest developer channel release of Chrome OS adds text filtering to the overview spread, a feature aimed to make it easier to find active apps.

31 July 2014

Chrome OS Steps Closer to Enabling Video Player Chromecast Support

It will soon be possible to send videos from your Chromebook straight to your Chromecast — no special apps or additional extras needed.

30 July 2014

Project Athena Unmasked: Chrome OS’ New UI

Just over a month after our report on the mysterious Project Athena the first working UI has been revealed – albeit in rough form.

18 July 2014

Improved Crop Tool Coming to Chrome OS Image Editor

Improved support for photo cropping is coming to the Chrome OS Gallery and Image Editor in the near future.

1 July 2014

Google Asks Users What Android Apps They Want on Chrome OS First

One of the biggest surprises at I/O 2014 was Google's plan to bring select Android apps to Chrome OS later this year. Which apps? That’s entirely up to you.

27 June 2014

Tighter Android Integration with Chrome OS Demoed at I/O

Android L and sleek new smartwatches may have commanded most attention at Google I/O summit, but Chrome OS also managed to draw a few wows of its own.

26 June 2014