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Google Job Role Hints at Chromebook Pixel 3

If you thought the Chromebook Pixel line was dead time to think again.

19 June 2016

Google’s Next Pixel Won’t Run Chrome OS

The next Chromebook Pixel might not actually be a Chromebook at all. It’s claimed Google is to launch a new Pixel device in the coming months. It will be a 10.2-inch Android tablet with detachable keyboard and […]

28 September 2015

Everything You Need to Know About The Chromebook Pixel 2

The Chromebook Pixel has been updated by Google with a faster processor, more RAM, longer battery and a super-versatile USB Type-C connector. Oh, and a lower price.

11 March 2015

Google Say Chromebook Pixel 2 Will Go On Sale ‘Soon’

Google has confirmed that a second generation Chromebook Pixel will go on sale 'soon'.

23 February 2015

Is This The Google Chromebook Pixel 2?

A photo uploaded to the Chromium Issue Tracker could offer our first glimpse at the long rumoured Chromebook Pixel 2.

11 February 2015

Verizon Axes Free 2 Year Chromebook Data Deal After Just 12 Months (Updated)

The US Chrome community has reacted angrily to news that Verizon has axed its free, two-year data plan for Chromebook Pixel LTE model owners.

24 June 2014

Install the Chromebook Pixel ‘Google+ Photos’ App on Any Chromebook

The new Google+ Photos App for the Chromebook Pixel can be installed on any Chrome OS device - including the Samsung Chromebook

26 June 2013

Watch A Chromebook Pixel Get Gutted

Watch as CNet's Bill Detwiler turns slaughter-man, gutting Google's flagship Chromebook Pixel Laptop.

3 April 2013

Its Pixel Perfect! But Is It Right for The Market?

Will the latest Chromebook device succeed? Or is the Pixel destined to go the way of the Nexus Q? In this editorial, will dive into the pixel.

23 February 2013